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Taita Balam, an American Shamanic Medicine man, comes to Klangraum for a one day Shamanic Journey on Saturday November 4th

  • 6am-7am: Sunrise Ceremony & Toltec Healing Meditation
  • 9am-4pm: Private Treatments, Therapies and Shamanic Consultations
  • 5pm-6:30pm: American Indian Dance & ClWorkshop
  • 6:30pm-8pm: Shamanic Journey & Sound Healing Circle
  • 8pm-11:50pm: Sacred Medicine Ceremony

Please write Marischa 015750494186 for info and reservations! You will get a discount if you book till November 1st!

„Healing Our Heart, Ancestral Memories and All Our Relations“
with Taita Balam, Medicine Man & Wisdom Keeper from South America

Our mission is to heal and teach people through spiritual healing sessions, workshops, retreats, practitioner education programs. We learn, practice, and apply Energy Medicine–energy healing protocols and techniques utilizing ceremony and ritual. The ancient healing arts equalize the four dimensions of our body: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
The use of ancestral techniques for entering in modified states of consciousness throught vibrations from such sources as the energy of the elements, voice and sound healing, instrumental tones, movement and breath, brings balance to thoughts, harmony to feelings and restoration of the body’s health. The essence is a healing of your soul. In return, you will receive the possibility of living a healthier, happier and more rewarding life. Remember, you are a Soul having a human experience.
Taita Balam, Medicine Man, Master Shaman, Psychotherapist, Wisdom Keeper, Earth Keeper, Peacemaker and Spiritual Guide. Teachers on Native Healing Arts, Shamanic Medicine, Ancestral Quantum Healing, Energy Balancing and Sound Healing. Descendant from the native tribes from South America, an ancient lineage of medicine people from the Mayan Culture. Also initiated in the highest schools and sacred teachings of the Native Amerindian, Andean and Amazonian indigenous traditions. Highly trained and experienced his whole life in learning the ancestral medical sciences, practice of traditional healing protocols and ancestral wisdom. An honor to have him in service for the well being, awakening, healing, peace and of human family.
The Ancient Science of Medicine, Native Healing Arts and  Ceremonies have been shown to be effective, efficient, and filled with the healing energy of peace, love, happiness and beauty.
A. Sacred Medicine Ceremonies in Group or Private (In the evening)
1) Grandmother Ceremony
2) Grandfather Ceremony
3) Toad Medicine
(For Healing, Transformation and Liberation. 280€)

B. Native Teaching/Workshop or Healing Circle in Group (In the afternoon):
a) Cacao Toltec Healing Ceremony, for Openness and Joy of Living.
b) Mayan Healing Ceremony, for Balancing and Clearness.
c) Inka Healing Ceremony, for Reconnection with Source of Life and Light.
d) Amazonian Rapé Healing Ceremony, for Reconnection and Grounding.
e) Native American Indian Healing Ceremony, for Balancing and Freedom.
f) Native Sacred Fire Healing Ceremony, for Reconnection with Ancestors, Purification and Cleansing.
g)  Shamanic Healing Journey, for healing Soul and Mind.
h) Native Amerindian Medicine Songs Circle, for Oneness and Spirit.
i)  Eagle and Condor Ancestral Healing Dance Circle, for Freedom and Happiness.
j) Ancestral Voice and Sound Healing Circle, for Harmony and Balancing.
k)  Mayan Toltec Ancestral Yoga, for Healing, Reconnection and Freedom.
l)  Native Sweat Lodge & Sauna Ceremony for Purification, Cleansing and Healing
(120€/1.5hour per person.)

1. Mayan Toltec Healing for Cleansing and Soul Retrieving
2. Native Cosmic Energy Healing for Balancing and Peace
3. Ancestral Voice and Sound Healing for Liberation and Transformation
4. Accupresure Healing for releasing stress and releasing pain
5. Toltec/Native Amerindian Massage Healing for releasing ancient memories
6. Mayan/Andean massage Healing with for peace and joy of living
7. Aromatherapy for relaxation and harmony
8. Aura Cleansing for Peace and Purification
9. Chakra Harmony for Balancing and Healing
10. DNA/Transgenerational Patterns Healing for Liberation and Transformation
11. Stones/Quartz Healing for Energizing and Cleansing
12. Shamanic Healing for Detoxifying and Purification
13. Vision Quest and Inner Light for Healing and Transformation.
14. Four Elements Healing for Balancing and Rebirthing
15. Rapeh/Mapacho/Cacao Healing for Cleaning and Detoxifying
Sessions 1to1 (120€ per hour per person):

E ☆Energetic Cleansing and Balancing for Offices, Houses, Fields, Shops and Spaces. 240€ per session 1 hour.

Through these Healing Sessions, Ceremonies and Teachings you Support our Native Elders, Wisdom Keepers and these Cultural and Educational Projects:
*Indigenous Wisdom University in South América.
*Healing Center and Ixchel Sanctuary in the Mayan Land
*Pachamama Medicine Institute and Jaguar Protected Area in the Mayan Land
*Healing Center in the Toltec Land

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